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Welcome to Community Health Centers of America

Your health journey is supported here

We are dedicated to your well-being, and we provide top-tier care for every member of our community.

About Us

Born in the heart of Mariposa County, near the iconic Yosemite National Park, CHCA stands as a beacon of dependable and affordable healthcare for underserved regions. 

Our Locations


"The care I received at CHCA Healthcare was exceptional. From the friendly staff to the knowledgeable doctors, they made my journey to recovery smooth and comfortable. I'm grateful for their dedication to patient well-being."
John Doe
"I can't express enough gratitude for the exceptional service at CHCA. The seamless coordination between the medical professionals and support staff made my recovery swift and stress-free. Thank you for your commitment to excellence."
Sarah Thompson
"Choosing CHCA was the best decision for my family's health. The expertise of the medical team, combined with their compassionate approach, reassured us during a challenging time. Thank you for the outstanding care!"
Emily Chen
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